Jook Bourke

Jook Bourke
Just A Minute

Self produced

By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
November 2007

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As the saying goes, history does repeat itself.

Just about three and a half years ago I wrote these words: “This CD consists of one right after another of very interesting, sometimes humorous, often truthful and always cleverly written songs.”

They were about a disc I was reviewing -My Mojo's Just Too Weak - by Jook Bourke. Well, here I now sit, reviewing Just A Minute, the latest Jook Bourke release, and the best way to describe this disc is to simply say it again - This CD consists of one right after another of very interesting, sometimes humorous, often truthful and always cleverly written songs.

When quality is involved, consistency is a beautiful thing.

On Just A Minute, Bourke once again takes topical events such as hurricanes, and every day happenings such as answering the telephone, and turns them into 11 masterfully written, and superbly delivered original songs.

Of course, he also does all the vocals, plays the guitars, bass, hand drum and harmonica and created all the drum loops.

The title track, “Just A Minute,” is one of the most beautiful love songs I have ever heard. The lyrics simply state that seeing his woman's smile or hearing her voice - even if just for a minute - is all he needs to soothe his blues. Jookís singing of these remarkable lyrics make them sound even more remarkable. It took me a good 25 minutes to listen to this 2:47-minute track. If this song ever gets discovered and recorded by a mainstream artist, I guarantee it will top the charts. Itís the only track that features another musician, and Christian Howes did a beautiful job on the violin.

Living in the area where notorious hurricanes “Francis” and “Jean” struck within a two-week period, Bourke, unfortunately, has experiences to relate on a track called “Itís A Hurricane.” Again, unfortunately, I live in the same area, and just talking about it makes me nervous, so you'll just have to listen to this track to hear what Bourke, and myself, think about these beasts.

The title of another great track is not just the title, it's also an explanation of sorts. Ya see, you can't always be on top of your game, and when some low down misery gets the best of him, Bourkeís got no problem with letting folks know that: “Sometimes I Just Need To Feel This Way.” More great vocals and top notch acoustic guitar pickin' highlight this one.

ďArea Code 212” is, of course, all about New York, New York - a place which, as Bourke says, “Is so important, you've got to say it twice”.

Having wished he moved there sooner, when he could have bought the whole place for $24, you can imagine his disappointment when his moving truck got a ticket for five times as much. New “Yawkers” are going to love this one; great harp and bass playing, and Jook doing his own background vocals, make this one of the discís best.

The lack of caller ID has Bourke in a constant debate - with himself, as to whether he should he answer the phone or not. You see, it's very obvious that “Somebody's Calling,” but who could it be? The many possibilities cause the phone to be on its 13th ring on this very hilarious song.

Other tracks on Just A Minute include: “Hot Pepper Sauce,” “Nobody Can Do What I Can Do,” “Reach Out,” “I Need To Get Home,” “This Ainít Where I Belong,” and “Boca Raton”

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