Bees Deluxe

Bees Deluxe
Space Age Bachelor Pad Blues


By Lady K
July 2012

If you like a whole lot of acid-jazz, mixed up with some classic rock and a little blues music, then Bees Deluxe is a band you might want to check out. Bees Deluxe is: Patrick Sanders on drums/percussion; Bruce Mattson on keyboards; Conrad Warre on guitars (their sound makes you think there must be more than three).

Lady K found the CD title intriguing; more so once she started listening to the music (perhaps because the music is intense – good – and difficult to write about). Space Age Bachelor Pad kinda brings to mind a multi-dude-dwelling; single guys living the single life – not necessarily well understood by those around them (think “Friends” Chandler and Joey – they got each other, but didn’t always make sense to the other “Friends”). After a few attempts, Lady K chose not to try to understand whether Bees Deluxe had a message, deciding that boys will be boys.

Of the 12 tunes included on the Space Age Bachelor Pad Blues CD, there are two covers (“God Bless the Child” by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr.; and “Hot Cha” by Flansburgh, Linnell, Woods); the remaining 10 tunes were written by either Bruce Mattson or Conrad Warre.

Track 2 is entitled “Kidnap.” Hmmm, I listened to this tune many (really many) times, waiting and hoping for the “punch line;” that he wasn’t actually planning an honest-to-God kidnapping - just that perhaps this woman meant so much to him that he was daydreaming (and scheming AND singing) about kidnapping her (a la some romance novel plot). Nope, never heard that – just the plans: “I gotta kidnap a girl/I’m gonna steal her away/get in the car, grab some gas/wherever she goes, I’ll be watching from afar/whatever she says I’ll be waiting in the car.”

“3454 Miles” is a slow jazz instrumental and the keyboard and drum blend is amazing. While “Not the Sopranos” is much more up-tempo; it’s also an instrumental jazzy-jumpy tune, featuring killer organ and guitar. “Rooster Shoes” is very funky, and a jazzed-up instrumental with Sanders displaying a lovely light touch on the drums; while “Roll Over Stockhausen” might be hoping to awaken composer Stockhausen from his eternal sleep, or maybe they meant some other Stockhausen? “Byrdland” is a short – very short (60 seconds or so) instrumental.

Bees Deluxe scares Lady K, with their innovative twists – must be scarier for people in the recording studio with them!!!! There’s a track entitled “The Girl with Green Hair.” Just before the tune starts, a voice in the background says “. . . because people like to watch train wrecks” – that’s all . . . and then music. Other than that off-the-wall lead-in, for the most part, this tune is instrumental – jazzy – cool. Until near the end, when that weird background voice comes back, repeats the bit about train wrecks; and then there’s a background conversation with repetitious phrases, mostly nonsensical, scratchy sounding (with static included) – people perhaps conversing over a 2-way radio? I dunno.

Lady K is exhausted (and amused) – Bees Deluxe have come up with an interesting CD; one that defies understanding, making it very challenging to write about!!! They’ll keep you guessing.

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