Al Basile

Al Basile
The Goods

Sweetspot Records

By Lady K
June 2011

This CD is, a bit, about old friends getting together and making some blues music, with plenty of soul and a touch of gospel added to the mix. The Goods is music that combines lyrics written by a published poet, vocalized by a professional singer, and accompanied by killer coronet solo’s – all accomplished by just one man, named Al Basile whose old friends would be none other than guitar-hero, Duke Robillard and sax-man, Doug James (on tenor and baritone sax, bass clarinet and piccolo) - all three are original members of Roomful of Blues. AND the band backing up this dazzling array of big names is Duke’s own, Grammy-nominated Duke Robillard Band (Brad Halen on bass, Bruce Bears on keyboards, and Mark Teixeira on drums, congas, percussion). AND, the Grammy award winning Blind Boys of Alabama, providing magical back-up vocals on the wonderful gospel tune, “Lie Down in Darkness (Raise Up in Light).” AND just to keep it all in the family (so to speak), Duke Robillard produced this CD.

Having dropped all the big-time names, you should know that “The Goods” does, in fact, deliver the goods!!! “The Price (I Got to Pay)” kinda says it all – he HAS to play his horn, and HAS to sing, and HAS to earn enough money so that he can keep playing and singing. Trying to stay ahead of the game, and ending up one-step behind – more so during these days of economical crisis. “1.843 Million” is a unique rockin’ blues tune about a bank-robbery gone wrong – if, of course, you consider not being able to get away from the black and whites, and not having time to spend the $1.843 million purse – going wrong.

“Time Can Wait” is a groovin’ slow R&B tune – a love song – man to woman; questioning whether falling in love is only for the young. With some expressive help from Duke’s guitar, man decides that love can come anytime, and it’s “never too late;” time can wait. In addition to the love tune, there are some fun songs that just feel like NOLA, with that party sound and the hint of a Latin tempo – pass the beads and get ready to dance and laugh – these tunes: “I Want to Put it There” and “Don’t Sleep On Santa,” are FUNNY!!.

Basically, you could take the liner notes from “The Goods” and, WITHOUT the music, you’ve got a little book of funny poems. WITH Al’s coronet, the great blues that the band adds, and the vocals, you’ve got a CD chock full of blues, R&B and funky fun.

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