CW Ayon (One Man Band)

CW Ayon (One Man Band)

Solitary Records

By Elliott Morehardt
September 2012

"Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast"...some more than others. While my personal taste tends to be on the darker, hellish side of blues, CW Ayon has managed to find his own perfect purgatory that even satisfies savage beasts like myself!

Ayon is well versed in Mississippi Hill Country Blues, performing as a one-man band adding his own regional Southwestern flavor. The difference is both subtle and unmistakably CW Ayon.

Lohmador takes a decidedly deeper blues dive from his first two recordings. The third cut, "Well, Well, Well" is most reminiscent of his earlier more upbeat tunes. "Been Waiting" is one of those beautiful ballads that almost makes time stop. Other titles like "End Of My Rope," Let’s Get Gone," and “Broken Too" give an idea of the overall feel—all heartfelt, no filler. Ayon aptly named Lohmador from the infamously dangerous intersection in Las Cruces, NM, perhaps a modern-day Mississippi "crossroads" of sorts. The songs reflect that uncertainty, mystery, even dread throughout the recording.

This is an album that grows on you, and that's always a good sign. My only regret is that, while traveling through the land of enchantment recently, I missed seeing Cooper play at the also infamous Mineshaft Tavern in Madrid, NM. There's something uniquely magical, and innocent about his recordings and I can only imagine his live performance is unforgettable. Next time your headin' New Mexico way, look up CW Ayon.

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