Susan Angeletti

Susan Angeletti

By Lady K
February 2012

Not long ago a whole cache of CDs, by talented women singing the blues, landed in Lady K’s P.O. box, waiting to be listened to and written about. Allow me to introduce you to Susan Angeletti, yet another of those rocking-blues-swinging women (think shades of Janis here)!

If you love the blues (d-uh), and believe that a blend of (mostly) blues and (some) rock and roll results in a little bit of heaven, chances are you’re going to be extremely happy with “Wisdom.” Susan Angeletti (lead vocals) and Bruce Korona (Susan’s kick-ass guitar and co-writing partner) collaborated on the seven original and thoroughly enjoyable tunes. The other players are Paul Dawicki (drums); Paul Dabrowski (bass); Ted Wert (Hammond B-3 and piano); Jami-D, Leah Kunkel and Carlos Anderson (background vocals); guest guitarists Tom Filiault and Chris Piquette; and Jim Fogarty (piano, acoustic guitar and backing vocals). The music is terrific – you’ll be tapping your toes or up and dancing, and singing along with Angeletti before long.

“Rock Me Right” is indeed a rockin’ up-tempo blues tune that includes some nifty guitar work (along with some subtle drum backup). The lyrics are alluring and pose a challenge to the object of her affections: “Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you shout. Well you want a little love and that’s all right. Take your sweet time – got all night – I’m gonna show you how to rock me right.” – alrighty. Track 2: get ready to rock out to the up-tempo, real rock and roll, “Hypnotized.” “Baby got a bad feeling something gone wrong with you . . . Feel the voodoo coming down on me, heavy and blue – someone must have put a spell on you – your love has got me hypnotized. Lay your rock and roll down on me – gotta love a man like you.” The whispery, raspy backup vocals in places add an eerie effect. Love the rocking music!!

“Eye to Eye” is slow, bluesy, and sexy, with a rock backbeat, and sad lyrics, about trying to get along: “I can’t seem to change my mind – you and I, lord, we don’t see eye-to-eye. Every time I try to talk to you, it just don’t matter what I do – lord, we don’t see eye to eye . . . Think I’m right and think you’re wrong, all I really want to do is get along.” It’s not about a new love, it’s about 20 years together; kids, house, cars, laugh-lines . . . a life is rolled up in this song about changing love, changing values, and wanting to re-blend it all.

Track 4 is a rollicking, rocking tune, offering love (if he wants it) – all he’s gotta do is “Knock on My Door”, and “Let me love you if it feels all right – c’mon baby, knock on my door. I know about the book of love – all those nasty things it’ll do to you – mess up your mind, make you go blind – c’mon baby, knock on my door.” It sounds like Susan Angeletti and Lady K may have heard the same scary warnings about love and sex, many years ago, in a Catholic grammar school taught by nuns; turns out the going blind part is just not true - yet!!!!

The title tune is my favorite – just because. It’s a mid-tempo blues rock, about life and seeking “Wisdom.” “Baby, take my hand, travel across this land . . . just have to wait and see what becomes of you and me. In the meantime, got traveling on my mind, and I want you by my side.” The refrain kind of gets stuck in your head and swirls around: “Wisdom shine your light on me, for the whole world to see, what’s become of you and me.” There’s an exciting kick-ass instrumental mid-section that is just h-u-g-e.

“Myrtle Beach” is another up-tempo tune, but this one is all about having fun. She’s all happy, and heading out: “On the run, havin’ fun, got my man by my side, gonna get some sun.” “Got my high heels on and my lipstick too, listening to Otis Redding, and heading to the House of Blues.” If you’ve been to Myrtle Beach, ‘nough said. If not, get yourself there – winter in New England is an especially good time to be at Myrtle Beach. The final track on “Wisdom” is a killer mix of great vocals, angst and fast-tempo, rocking electric blues guitar about hating one’s life, and trying to decide if love is enough not to make a change. “Got to Have You Baby” is the “one reason why I keep hanging around this dirty old town; cause nobody loves me better than you, baby.”

Lady K says, get yourself some Wisdom; it’ll make you happy, so it’s the smart thing to do!!!!

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