Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones

Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones
I Know What It’s Like

Third Big Idea Records

By Lady K.
October 2014

Sooooo, the Boston Blues Society received this CD in (nearly) a plain brown wrapper. Seriously, in a CD mailer from Kevin Burke of the Barrelhouse Band. There’s no cover letter, and no indication as to what relationship Kevin Burke has with Andrew Jones: Friends? Bandmates? No CD liner notes – no CD cover at all. The label does show the names of the tracks that are included.

Luckily, Lady K lovesthis guy’s guitar playing, and the tunes, or she wouldn’t have even tried gathering more information. Wikipedia (I know, but you grab info where you can) says Andrew “Jr. Boy” Jones was born in Texas, and spent several years in Freddie King’s band, to name just one well-known famous association. There’s no indication as to who is in the recording band, which tunes are covers, which are original (I Googled a few tunes to garner info, but there are other CDs waiting to be heard and written about.)

Jones plays guitar and sings (there are videos on YouTube), so Lady K assumes he’s playing lead on most cuts.There’s someone playing organ (Does the same person play the piano? Don’t know.) There are drums . . . and there’s a harp . . . and there’s a woman singing on several tracks – same woman? Several women?

On the title track, “I Know What It’s Like”, someone sings “I know what it’s like to lose someone you love / I got you babe, it’s gonna be a brand-new day.” This is an attention-grabbing a mid-tempo blues tune with some terrific organ happening (wonder who is playing keyboards?)

Lady K loves both the long and short versions of “Whiskey Drinkin’ Blues” (both are included on the album.) Love the guitar – have no idea who the lead female vocalist is – she’s great – deserves some credit. Hopefully that info is available on the liner notes that were hopefully on the cover of the CD when it went to market (Amazon has it.)

“Midnight” is another Lady K fave. Terrific - sexy, instrumental, slow blues, insane guitars. “Mixed Beans” is also an instrumental – up-tempo with sax (wonder who’s playing that?)

“Movin’ From the Dark Side” sounds a LOT like Albert King’s “Born Under a Bad Sign”, hell, even the cadence of the words in each title is the same. Lady K LOVES all things Albert King, so first hearing the music from across the room, she thought it was a cover. It’s not a cover, but you can tell Jones has respect for King. The up-tempo “Ready to Play” features a woman on lead vocals, and she’s great and there are male backup singers (WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?), giving the tune a big band feel and sound. Makes ya want to dance!

The mid-tempo blues of “You Gotta Be Foolin’ You” tell her that he’s got her figured out. “When I try to put my arms around you, you say stop, I got to be someplace / I ask what’s the matter baby, what’s wrong, and you tell me everything is fine / You ain’t foolin’ me, so you gotta be foolin’ you.”

Chicago-bluesy, terrific harp and all, “Younger Woman” has a long, rockin’ instrumental finale, and questionable lyrics – one hopes he’s exaggerating the age difference: “Younger Woman, why do you love me so strong / even tho’ I’m an older man, I feel like nothing’s wrong / I know your legal age, I want to call the police on myself.”

Sooooo, Lady K knows she likes I Know What It’s Like, she just doesn’t know who, what, where, or when.

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