Andy T -Nick Nixon Band NUMBERS MAN

By Lady K
February 2016

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Blind Pig Records, 2015

The Andy T – Nick Nixon Band is out of Nashville, and Lady K thoroughly enjoyed her introduction to their blues.

The band: Nick Nixon (vocals); ‘Andy T’ Talamantez (lead and rhythm guitar); Larry van Loon, Christian Dozzler, Steve F’dor, Kevin McKendree (keyboards); Jim Klingler, Denis Fraser (drums); Sam Persons (stand-up and electric bass); Rick Reed (bass); Anson Funderburgh (lead guitar); Kim Wilson (harmonica); Zeke Jarmon (rubboard); and Texas Horns (Kaz Kazanov, Al Gomez, John Mills).

Numbers Man is a comfy mix of original tunes by both Andy and Nick, along with covers which seem appropriate to their style of blues. The covers include “Deep Blue Sea” (Rene Funderburgh – I assume she’s related in some way to Anson, and he is a kick-ass guitarist – Lady K has seen him with Mark Hummel - and also a music producer); “Tall Drink of Water” (Dean McTaggert); “Pretty Girls Everywhere” (Church, Williams); “Blue Monday” (Malone, Caple); “Tell Me What’s the Reason” (Florence Cadrez); and Gatemouth Brown’s “Gate’s Salty Blues.”

The album kicks off with the up-tempo rocker “Shut the Front Door” (Andy T), which includes killer guitar and pretty much forces you to boogie: “You know my baby ain’t there no more / that woman left me, shut the front door”. “Devil’s Wife” (JT Nixon and Andy T), is up-tempo, with scrumptious sax and sarcastic blues: “You never gave me nothin’ but an empty bed / You the meanest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The title song, “Numbers Man” (Cox, Fleming, JT Nixon) is mid-tempo, singing the praises of that guy in the ‘hood who enables local numbers players. He drives a beater during working hours, but prefers his Cadillac after hours. To his players he’s considered “a modern Robin Hood / is known by everyone / respected and trusted, but the law wants him busted.”

“Hightailin’” (Andy T) is instrumental, with wicked good keyboards joining Andy T’s guitar.

“Sundown Blues” (JT Nixon) is swinging, sexy blues, with Kim Wilson’s harp kicking things up: “I feel so sad, when the sun goes down I pay my dues / The sun went down when my baby left me / That’s why I call it sundown blues.”

“Be Somebody Some Day” (JT Nixon) is a mid-tempo number (with John Mills’ sax and Anson Funderburgh playing lead guitar) all about life goals: “Wanta be somebody someday / Gotta find something better to light up my life and get rid of the blues”. (Lady K assumes he’s not talking about getting rid of ‘the blues’ music – that would be sad for the rest of us.)

Lady K’s favorite track on Numbers Man is “This World We Live In” (Andy T). It’s a slow thought-provoker: “Don’t matter ‘bout religion or the color of your skin / Love is the answer for this world we live in”. And mid-tune, there’s a long, amazing instrumental – yummy!

If you aren’t familiar with Andy T and Nick Nixon, give them a listen

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