Ted Drozdowskis Scissormen

By A.J Wachtel
May 2015

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Ted was a protege of Blues icon R.L. Burnside, and he is an inventive and very interesting guitarist. His playing sets the mood in the opening measures of every cut. And it's a very stark, ominous and lonely mood: with degrees of psychedelia, and garage rock that vary from song to song. By that, I mean one can expect to hear big, fat guitar work with all sorts of effects and distortion from beginning to end. In fact, there are as many as seven of his own guitar tracks layered on some of the tunes. And that's only one of the things that make this release very special. Another object of intrigue is that this was recorded outside, in a tent. "Yep. Me in the woods with the engineer, a stack of amps and a guitar: a couple of snakes and a toad"; Ted smirks and reminisces. This is his band's sixth release, and all the tunes are written by Drozdowski except for a cool cover of Muddy's "I Can't Be Satisfied"; which he turns into a dynamic duet between drums and an electric one string diddley bow. And its killer! He pays tribute to two of his friends and mentors on the album. "Watermelon Kid" is about Watermelon Slim, and "R.L. Burnside (Sleight Return)" is a funky, psychedelic song with a cool groove and layers of wild backwards guitars. I really dig "Let's Go To Memphis" with the legendary Mighty Sam McClain on vocals extraordinaire. It's easy to get swept up by Mighty Sam's passionate Stax/Volt singing. For great psychedelic Blues check out "Lived To Tell", "The River" and "Unwanted Man". The Scissormen are: Ted, Sean Zywick and Pete Pulkrabek.Other artists Matt Snow on drums, Marshall Dunn and Robert E. McClain Jr. on four strings and Paul Brown on Hammond B-3 also join in on the fun. Great guitar. Soulful vocals. Mighty songs. And a Grand band. Look for this super CD to be released July, 31st.

TED DROZDOWSKI'S SCISSORMEN Dolly Sez Woof Records Love & Life 11 Tracks

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