Room For One More

By A.j Wachtel
June 2015

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By A.J. Wachtel After listening to this release for the first time I realize there are a lot of things to like about this killer CD. The vocals are rock solid, really gruff and growling, and sung with great emotion, feeling and passion. But beyond all of that; this man is a great interpreter. Listen to his covers of Johnny Winter's elegant "Tired of Tryin' "; where he turns the original into a harp song. Check out Sam Cooke's Civil Rights epic "A Change Is Gonna Come"; where he turns the gospel spiritualism of Cooke's classic into a slow Memphis Blues burner. And I just love his take on Chuck Berry's B-Side Rocker "Back To Memphis" with the tight rhythm section and Debbie Davies' stinging two string leads. Great stuff that really showcases Stollman's feel and connection to what he sings. From the opening track, "Ride 'Till I'm Satisfied" by Walter Trout, an uptempo Blues tune; to the title and closing cut "Room For One More" a slower, introspective Blues ballad, this music just jumps out of the speakers. Jay on lead vocals, Debbie Davies on lead guitar (along with Andy Abel and Jeremy Goldsmith), Scott Spray from the Johnny Winter Band on bass (along with Johnny Mennonna), Tommy Nagy on drums (along with Gerald Myles), Matt Zeiner on keys and Kevin Totoian on harp; are a powerful and smooth band that does a great job backing up Stollman's stellar singing. Listen to Debbie's incredible guitar licks on "I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water", Luther Guitar Jr Johnson's "Lonesome In My Bedroom" and "Pucker Up Buttercup"; this woman is remarkable. Hear the nice slide by Abel on Stollman's "I'm Done" or his and Spray's "Love Me & Leave Me". And I like how all of a sudden I'll hear Zeiner tinkling the ivories at just the perfect place. One thing is for sure: whether covering classics or doing their own originals; these cats sure sound sweet. After listening to this release for the first time: I just want to hear it all over again.

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