Professor Doug Bell

By A.J Wachtel
May 2015

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The latest lesson from The Professor is fun, foot-stomping, and a mix of Bar-room Blues, Choral music and Soul. And you gotta love it. Many of the songs are just basically a great riff, expressive vocals, and a screaming guitar. The opener "Take Me Down", "Firecracker" and "Silvertone" all start with a growling guitar and then Bell starts singing; and it's "fasten your seatbelts". A singer, songwriter, and guitarist, his vocals are solid, the tunes are consistently enjoyable and his licks and tone are first rate.. He wrote all of the melodies and his band: Jeremy Carter on guitars, Scott Lankford on drums, Michael Cheney on bass and Mark "Muggie Doo" Leach, a veteran of Buddy Miles' band, on Keys, play well together; and allow Bell to go ahead and search and destroy on his six strings. I dig "Higher Light" that sounds like a church choir tune, and the show-tuney "Katrina" too. Check out "That's Rock n Roll" with its nice keys opening and the Bluesy "Changes" and "Walk Like A Man"; great music from a great musician.

PROFESSOR DOUG BELL Beach Sessions 11 Tracks

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